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Mag fed is awesome, but the price of entry doesn't appeal to EVERYONE. You basically need a whole new set up to support it. A vest, mag pouches, dump pouches, etc. Not to mention more magazines, the life blood lol.... Plenty of people (myself included) love the idea of it, but I would only convert my phenom to use the box mag and make it a smaller target. I don't want to have to go out and spend money on a marker, who is only priced at the point BECAUSE it's mag fed (where if it were hopper fed, what's inside of it would run for much much less). Considering that up until this point, The T68 and Milsig were just, IMO, over priced sypders and A5's with a different feed system.

I've just found out more info on that new mech F/A milsig myself. It does sound like something to look into for sure. With a box mag on that thing I might have my new marker. But beyond that, I stand by entry price point of putting together a mag fed set up with actual mags.

*ALSO, w00t I found front page news lol!

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