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Plan B was to use those long screws you see to clamp the gun together, then the rear could be a tube for valve and reg to slide into and the front could be housing for tippmann breech with hexagon shroud for the stock barrel. That's really what I wanted, but there's no Dukie around here! This would probably allow for a stabilizer instead of the stock reg... This in aluminum would not be heavy, I'd make short mags, easier than lengthening them! Any bottom plate will do. I have no real worry about mag capacity. I would say I passed that point a while ago. Two of my friends would only let me use my zeus if I carried it with no mag. Loading one at a time teaches you tricks I guess. These would be used the first sunday of each month at the Hell Survivors pump and pistol day and maybe some big game mission runs.

Of course I'll be needing them as a brace, so there's two orders already! Especially if it's plan B, that really would be the coolest and easiest to machine as well.

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