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Logic UMF's last of the New Run Automag Frames

These are the new Logic UMF frames. You pay and I ship priority insured with signature confirmation simple.

Please READ all of the details on these frames. This is what you will be getting:

*****Be Advised****** In case anyone is unaware of the issue: The only trigger that fits these frames is the one that comes with them. You cannot put AGD triggers in these frames. If you don't like blade style triggers that will be a problem for you as they are ONLY OFFERED with the trigger pictured on Logic's website and I do not know of anyone making another trigger to fit these frames.

Also the trigger guard on these is large enough that you WILL NOT have room to install a foregrip if you use a classic rail. They will work fine on a classic marker just no room for the vert asa since the rail is too short.

****Great News***** Instead of a square back as they have had in the past these have rounded edges. So where the heal of your hand sits on the back of the frame will be rounded of to fit more comfortably! Not only are you guys getting in on the only issue of these to be made in a long time but you are now getting an improved frame.

An order for a raw frame includes a frame, a trigger, a trigger pivot pin, a trigger stop screw, and a trigger rod contact screw, rear frame screw, front frame screw, two asa screws, four grip screws and a safety assembly. Raw frames will come raw as-machined, unassembled (unless you ask for it).

These frames will need finish metal work (polishing) and anodizing to look like the professional quality you are accustomed to in automag products. I will NOT take responsibility for the finish on raw frames. Logic does good work. You can expect well machined precision parts. The finish on raw frames however is up to you.

Grips are NOT included.

If you don't want a safety assembly I will discount your frame by 6$ (they cost 7$ plus shipping from agd).

I am more than happy to assemble your frame for you. If you are planning on having it anodized though you should wait until after the anodizing is done to get it assembled.

You can get more info on these frames here:

Logic Paintball UMF mech frame description CLICKITY CLICK

Raw is 145$ shipped with insurance to the lower 48 states. Anywhere else just has to pay the difference in shipping (so if it is 10$ more to Canada you pay 155$ 20$ more to the UK you pay 165$ . . .).

I have two that I polished (not a perfect job but the ones I had anodized came out as good as any others) I want 150$ each for these.

Anodized is 165$ shipped to the lower 48 states.

PM me for payment info. I usually ship next day.

Here is a pic of one of the new raw frames installed on one on an aftermarket rail with a smart parts asa:

More pics on AO in this thread:

Automags.Org Online Forums - Logic UMF Frames at their Best

Currently I have:

2 Raw
2 Polished

Anodized GONE

This is the last of the new run. I don't think any more will be made (for a long time if ever). Logic has 4 or 5 more (they are asking 165$ for raw). Get them while they last.

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