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I had an azodin KP+ and the reg just broke down on me. After replacing the entire reg, and still leaking air, I decided to end weeks of hassle and return the azodin Krapos. It has a really high recoil, and the double trigger frame is quite uneccesary. Apparently after my proshop looked at it it was a factory defect, but I didn't want to have anything more to do with the gun and just ended up getting an empire sniper instead. It's expensive, but I'd suggest getting a different gun pending on your budget. They ARE good durable markers, but you need to upgrade them a bit for them to be nice.
1) Feedneck, it's pure awefulness. I had to tighten it and jam in my hopper so it would stop swiveling around.
2) Stock barrel: EXTREMELEY overbored. Like I know some markers do that, but if you decide on an azodin do yourself a favour and get a cp one piece for $40.
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