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Custom Delrin .45 grip panels

These are custom made Delrin .45 grip panels. These 45 grips are CNC machined by a local Illinois machinist from ” thick delrin plates. This is real Delrin, not a cheapo knockoff. They are both tough and lightweight. My grips are thicker than the CCM panels are, and conform to your hands better. If you are unsure if they will fit your gun’s trigger frame, post a good picture here and we will tell you. They will fit most Autococker, Automag, and Spyder frames + more. If you are using unusually large trigger frame screws, such as 10/32, you will need to drill the holes wider just a bit. Being custom made, they have character. I used them for a full day of play recently and the smooth tops develop kind of a marbled look. The look awesome!

$18 per set of grips.
Order 3 or more and get $1 off each set.
Order 6 or more and get $2 off each set.

Add $2.50 to your order for shipping to the U.S., $3.50 to Canada, no matter how many you order. So, to clarify, if you order 1 set, the price is $18 + 2.50 shipping. If you order 2 sets, the price is $36 + 2.50 shipping. Thanks for looking and order away before they are gone!

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