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Leaving field safety solely up to staff is like leaving airline safety solely up to TSA. Do you feel safer now that TSA's "on the case" looking at people's genitals on body scanners? Nope.

This is a non-issue. Safety is everyone's responsibility. I can make a much longer argument for this (probably even longer than OP's), but it starts getting into world view.

I try not to "yell" at people for masks unless it's necessary due to distance or lack of intelligence (which unfortunately means I am yelling a lot). If I'm close enough, normally what I will do is step in front of them to shield them from the field, get right in their face, and keep them out of sight from the refs so the refs don't have to make an unpleasant call. And I may actually cap it off with a "I'm telling you this because if a ref sees you, he's going to sit you out, so I'm doing you a favor."

Now, it *does* become an issue is when you have to tell *a ref* to keep his mask on.

Yes, seriously.
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