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Here is what i would no particular order.

1) Provide support for the field. i would find people at my command to volunteer on some weekends to provide support to the paintball field whether its reffing, filling air, giving safety briefs, beautifying the field. Everyone needs volunteer hours for their EVALS donít really need to get paintballers to volunteer though it would be preferred. Draft up a letter of appreciation that all you would have to do is type the volunteers name on it and have the MWR supervisor sign. Note donít put anything in the LOA hinting at paintball, just say support the mwr or safety rep for the MWR etc etc etc...

2. Address the safety concerns of the field. Hold a working party to make the field safe repair anything that needs to be repaired. If you need new stuff all together check out the local DRMO lot alot of times they have the old security barriers that you fill up with water or other misc stuff that you could use. That would add alot more life to the field and make it not so crappy. Another source would be seabee's if there are any in italy.

3. Participation. You can go about this in several ways. make a FB page for the field invite everyone you know to it. Make flyers and post them around base. Talk to the Captain's Cup Committee and see about adding paintball to one of the events. In my area they did it one year. Challenge other commands to come out and play. "might not be able to play at my next command" pretty wrong there let them know you can play at almost every command. Ive played in.....Okinawa, Mainland Japan, Korea, Guam, Cuba....etc etc and obviously if they rotate back to the states they can play anywhere they are stationed. Only places ive seen that dont have a paintball course are Iraq, Afgan, and Africa....And those are all deployments for the most part and most sailors dont go on real deployments sorry greenside corpsman here.....

3. Funding. youíre going to have your ducks lined up for this, youíre going to need asses everything the field needs and get 3 quotes from 3 different sources for whatever you need. Yes its tedious to to get the quotes but thatís how the navy does its funding so the 3 quotes are necessary. Well whatever the MWR cant provide try and get the regulars that play paintball or from your command to raise some money for the field again volunteer hours and again donít try promote it as helping the paintball field promote it as raising money for the MWR you will get alot more help that way.

4. Address the security concerns come up with a plan so the suff dosent get stolen thats the only advice i can give you concerning that.

5. Summarize.....Get everything you plan on doing in package have it all look nice and need. Everything from what the field needs, quotes, security and field promotion and then show it to the MWR director. If you present it in a professional manner chances are you will receive a professional response.

sounds like alot of work? well its going to be but it has multiple benefits. One you will continue to be able to play the sport that you love. Two YOUR eval, doing all these things are major bullets for it.

Just remember with everything in the military..."If youíre not part of the solution then youíre part of the god damn problem"

Dont get pissy with MCB for not responding in a timeframe that you deem appropriate.
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