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Valhalla Viking #14


I just got this in a trade, but unfortunately some unexpected expenses have come up. And since there's no way in hell I'm selling my S6.5, this one has to go. I just got it back from DC, and it shoots great. It is in very good condition, very clean. The only problem is the asa on it now starves the gun for air. You'll probably need to replace it, but I'll leave it on in case you want to try and fix it. It will not include a barrel, but it will include the 3 prong tool and LPR tester. I can also include a V2 prophecy for an extra $50.

Price: $1000 shipped/pp'd OBO

Trades: Anything plus cash. Mainly looking for rotors, cockers, mags, and VSC guns (phantom, buzzard, ghost, etc.). I'll also look at electros. All trades must come with a least $200.

Pictures: Valhalla Viking pictures by hogzilla88 - Photobucket

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