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Originally Posted by ironchef97 View Post
Yep, the picture is an RTR trigger, Carter, Redux and CIP triggers are all similar in layout and location of the pins. I should have take a picture from the back or top as well, I have several triggers like that in my collection.

Steve took the adjustable stop idea a step further with the Redux with a back stop screw that you could adjust while the trigger was installed in the frame! See the screw that's in the middle speed hole:

Hm, that would be a good use of the brass shim stock I have lying around, I used like 5 in^2 of a 10 foot roll. Do you have pics of the way you modified your trigger with shim dukie?

Lol, I figured you couldn't go wider without redesigning the entire frame! There would be like less than 1/16" wall on both sides of the trigger if you made the trigger 1/4" wide with the existing frame?
Yeah 1/16" is WAAAY too thin. I wanted more than the 1/8" I got for threads lol. Stupid pretty stuff! GOing to be a pain in the arse the day that rad cutter dies. Its modified up the yin yang to make those radius edges work.

No I don't have pics. I don't have any brass shim in the shop or I would have thrown some in with each one lol. Just bend an "__|" one for each end. THe short leg just keeps it from falling out, the long leg provides the bearing surface. I did it on a really crappy cocker slide years ago and made an unbelievable trigger pull. I did leave space for it as you can't just polish the top down to fit with a retainer pin. It was a CYA design decision

The trigger doesn't need to be modified to do this, just adding the shim and wet sanding the sliding surface if you find it still needs it.
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