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Added a new small, light single pistol chest rig to the rotation.

Military Supply Basic Molle Chest Rig - Black

I was putting in an order at rockstar and was just a bit short of free shipping so I impulse bought a small angled chest rig that they had for under $20.

The good thoughts...
  • It feels like it will be sufficiently durable.
  • The angled molle straps are a cool feature. To get that on other chest rigs you'd need an 45 degree plate on top of the base layer.
  • Very easy to adjust to various sized people. Only 2 straps to quickly adjust the fit. Other chest rigs and vests have 4+ points of adjustment and take much longer to adjust to large size differences. It will make a great loaner rig for petite gals and 3xl fellas like myself.

The bad...
  • The molle doesn't line up well with ... well any of the molle gear that I've got.
  • The openings are also very small and tight making changing things around to find the right setup for you extremely tedious and difficult.
  • There are only 4 retention points with very thin 2" webbing on the chest rig as opposed to 6 on most of the Condor and military surplus chest rigs I'm used to seeing. This makes it less stable with heavy load-outs.
  • Like 45 degree adapter plates, the outer 1" edge is pretty much useless to weave molle due to far too many half sized openings. So the usable space is much smaller then the dimensions would imply.

  • Use it along with Full Clip gear, other molle gear with very soft easy to weave straps, or items using the thin mallice attachment strips. Condor and other misc millitary surplus gear's molle straps were thick, rigid, and painful to fit through this thing.
  • 4 mags is the most I'd carry on this with heavy Tiberius mags. I tried 6 mags (3 m4 pouches) but that didn't work as well as 4. Even though three m4 pouches (6 mags worth) fit within the space, it sagged/moved around too much with that much weight.
  • Use with lighter setups like 10 round tubes or TPX mags might be a better application then heavy Tiberius mags.

Conclusion ... for under $20 it was an great little addition to my growing softgood collection. Fun way for me to use some of those spare mag pouches. If you've got some spare pouches that you don't often use and can leave them on this thing (reducing molle rework), it will make a great loaner rig for the $$. I don't think I would recommend it as someone's only rig. There's too many little problems/limitations with it. For me this is going to double as loaner for pistol mags and limited paint rig for an automag with a 30-50 round hopper and APP 30 round tubes.

Next on the "chest rigs to try" list is the MCR3 from Condor...
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