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The guy kept giving me the "I'll ship it tomorrow," and other excuses, even 3 bogus tracking #s, till long after the deadline for filing a claim with buyer protection. eBay user "skillz7799"

Description on the listing:
"I have a very nice Half-blocked Superbolt here. It has a JCurt half-block job with a JCurt dual rod pump kit and a CCM frame that is buttery smooth. This gun shoots fantastic and I hate to sell it, but I really just don't need it anymore."
"It is a Superbolt that has been milled to a half-block design, eliminated alot of weight and bolt drag. It has the stock Superbolt components inside(valve and hammer) and a JCurt (from pump kit. The gun shoots smooth and quiet. Only thing you will need to begin using it is a regulator. It can be used with co2 or compressed air. Also, it comes with a CCM trigger frame, which are known to be some of the the smoothest triggers in the pump world. If you require any more information, please ask about a specific component, Thanks for looking."
From his Paypal address I gather his name is Matthew Mceachern.

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