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I got my b-day present in the mail today ... I actually planned on selling off the DSP frame (got it w/ the Duckslide from Addbot), but it feels SOOOO Amazing... dare I say even better in the hands than my Redux Definitely keeping it and I'm looking forward to completing (anodizing) it and posting a Project/Review thread...

Thanks addbot!

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How's the clearance on the frame and slide? I know Chef said his was good, but it's always nice to have multiple checks.
It fits perfect! There is literally NO side-to-side slop, in fact my REDUX has more wiggle/slop... I know Dukie didn't design it for the duckslide, but it fits great... I'm really looking forward to playing with it to feel the difference on the field = the true test of fit
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I thought I smelled Similac on your breath at D-Day Captain Short

My Feedback:

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