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Ian is a wizard!

I got a custom double barrel lever with some totally mind blowing stock tattooing. He created custom wolf caps for the ends. I swear this is one of those things dreams are made of. Perfect for a last hurrah.

His turn around time was excellent, especially for a scratch built super custom brass gun. Ian frequently PMed me to keep me in the loop and to make sure all of the details were just right. Many pictures of the entire process were shared, so I could see exactly what was going on. His customer service is truly top notch.

Short of going for overkill and shipping in a crate hand crafted entirely of wood (visions of A Christmas Story with the infamous Leg Lamp), it could not have been better protected. He hand crafted wooden structural supports for the shipping box to prevent any accidents on the part of the USPS. When it didn't arrive in Alaska as soon as the post office said it would, he asked me to make sure it arrived safely. Sure enough it did within two days! I also love the fact he DID ship via USPS. I have a PO Box and it's a million times easier for me than having to get it sent to my workplace. It arrived just perfectly, well wrapped in it's own little frame and everything!

So, in short:
Chplnstone is a true asset to the MCB Airsmiths and has renewed my faith in custom lever builds done by individuals.
6 paw prints out of 5!

Now I just hope the weather stays in the high 30s at least for the weekend so I can get it out for some testing! YAY!
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