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Originally Posted by Stitch View Post
is the cage for more stability?

just trying to understand parts of the mod - I would assume the cage replaces the block that exposes the bolt - a plug coming in from where the stick feed would be could then hold it in place fairly stable but not sure why that looks like a cut original feed - /praying that its not... =P
The block just replaces the original and the feed is still in one piece as well. Safe and sound.

The new "feed" holding the breach in place is a cocker threaded barrel cut to length ( the original feed tube is cocker threaded ). I will find a way to cap the new feed and that might become part of the new milling. I could have used a RTR phantom /cocker adapter, it also works well.

When I decide how to mill the block it won't be much of a departure from the original. I like the look of the gargoyle, I just wanted to try this for a while.

Someone lock the Garage please! Perhaps this will turn into an interest thread Rodney ? its hard to say.

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