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Leaking Shocktech Shocker SFT w/ HE bolt kit $225

Well, I just got this back from another member on MCB and unfortunately it has a leak where the manifold meets the body of the marker. As a result I'm forced to sell this AS-IS. As far as I know that is the only problem, I'm not a shocker tech(I don't know too much about them) so I can't really pinpoint any of the problems or fix them myself. All of the stock parts are included, and I'm also including an HE bolt kit with the package. I don't really want to part out anything, I'm just trying to get this thing sold.

The only upgrade it has as of right now is a virtue board(The HE bolt kit isn't installed but comes with the package). It's got quite a bit of wear on it and the rear grip frame screw has scratching all around it. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm including a 10" JJ 2 piece barrel. I would like to get $180 for everything... but it's OBO. At the moment I'm not really looking for trades, just looking for cash offers.

Pic of the HE bolt kit:
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