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Are you familiar with those 'when you see it, you'll crap bricks" photos? So I'm moving my head around, close to the screen (this screen is poo-poo discerning dark things together), checking out details in the gun as best I could; when I noticed a pair of eyes staring back at me.

Goofy, I know; but I was mind freaked there for a moment.

Are there more pics in the Traccer pic thread? I'd like to check it out further.

On a different front, I received one of alpha434's Inception barrels yesterday. I have had this SS J&J autococker barrel here at the house for a while. Together, in the Traccer, it looks pretty impressive. A little on the heavy side; but I have to check this out. That barrel is pretty darn nice shooting on its own; with the ability to barrel match behind it, this should be cake and ice cream. Plus, the Inception is the perfect bore; and with the thinner "nub" on the J&J (same diameter as the Inception), it damn near reached the end of the pump handle (probably a 1/4-3/8" short of flush). it's as stable and as smooth as the stock barrel. I'll post a pic up here in a second.

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