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Originally Posted by CON*RAD View Post
These are sweet shockers, I kinda miss my shocktech.

Just a quick pointer that might help you trouble shoot it. If your HPR is over 300 psi it will leak out of the manifold. The manifold is supposed to do in order to prevent the pressures from blowing the solenoid. So back your HPR down and see if it still leaks afterwards, hopefully this will fix it.

Good luck with the sale!
not quite, it will leak out of the manifold because the solenoid is over pressurized and it is bypassing the solenoid, this is not a safety feature but damages your solenoid. The humphrey/parker solenoids do not have a "bleed off" like some other models.

The manifold is just an "adapter" to join/route the are flow between the body and solenoid.

Depending where it is leaking out of the manifold it could be the manifold orings (doubtfull unless it has been tampered with) "sail" oring, solenoid inserts, or the solenoid spool.
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