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Mystery box!

So my closet is full of small parts and random gear, and instead of selling and shipping them out individually I decided to throw them together for a mystery box.

Low-end masks; remote line; gloves; tons of gravity hoppers; ; armband; binoculars; headband; Spyder clone; 4 stock barrels for said clone; barrel socks; old anti-fog spray; 45* feedneck; cool out of hydro WGP Co2 tank; lanyard; neck protector; squeegies; swabs; small bags of allen wrenches, o-rings, random screws, cupseals, a small wrench, a spring or two; Spyder rechargable 9.6 volt battery (don't have charger); oil
Will add more when I find more.

$40 shipped takes it.

Trades: Dremel, Pump stuff, 'Cocker parts, 'Mag parts, old school jerseys/clothing, low-end old school guns, cheap Ions, Polaroid 600 film (I'm serious about this), offer
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