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wow, jump on me cause i questioned a question. the post was answered, but i didn't find any validity on the original post. it was answered, but when i am questioned, i take notice of that. though i know most of what anyone will say is opinion, it doesn't mean that i can't voice mine.

and if every question asked here was only answered without any fluff, there would never be any posts that go to the second page.

you don't care what i have to say, that's fine. but i find interesting is that you jump on me instead of answering the question, or even confirming the answer that was given. wow, i really thought they where .690 or bigger, since they came out when paint was going up in size.

so i guess everyone that is question me and my points, well i guess you all have something extra in your easter basket. cause i really don't care about your opinions. its the internet and if you haven't figured that out, i feel sorry for you.
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