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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
Still, it would have been better to answer the question, instead of acting condescending.

Everyone has opinions on what is "good" and "worthless". People value different objects for different reasons.

Paintball is 50% looks, style, and image. I could say "Sheridan Pumps are all crap and worthless because they do not shoot 20bps!!!". But thats rather missing the point.

Say with all the endless people who bash milsim, or any other trend. Thats why "verses" threads are not allowed. They are the always trash, and useless, since you only get the fanboys.

To answer the OP, my memory was they were overbored. The idea was so that you could shoot through breaks. I thought they were pretty cool looking as well. Others that I've seen were all completely usable, perfect for large games where you want to stand out a bit.

OP, glad you found your answer. The Ramrod was a cool barrel, very unique despite what the naysayers bray on about. If you want it for your build man do your thing. Just post up some pictures or a build thread so those of us that appreciate the old school stuff can enjoy it as much as you.

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