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Brass and Wood Fan
Ninja SHP Tank Regulator - never used

sold as of now

1. Post first, the PM
2. You pay I ship
3. Paypal ONLY
4. NO Lowballs
5. I go to a military college, so I can't have my paintball stuff with me. I can make it home most weekends,
when dealing with me understand that our deals and shipping will take place on the weekends ONLY. THERE IS NO EXCEPTION TO THIS!
6. Be nice, I deal with enough BS at school, I don't need it here also
7. I ship my stuff out working unless otherwise stated, don't come back saying its broke because I'd assume you broke it, however I will try to help you fix it over pms.
8. Reread ze rulez


Perfect (only opened for pictures)

Well i bought this before I finalized a deal for a mag and then the deal fell through and got something else instead. So this is up for grabs. My loss is your gain!


Find me at PbNation, CustomCockers, and under the same name!

Text me anytime!

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