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Tried this last year, and my lasting memory was that I felt absolutely murderous for like a week after playing. Simply because I felt like I had shot at people, but even when I hit them I didn't really hit them, you know? Same thing for when they hit me, no sense of impact. Very dissatisfying, the stuff leading up to the firefights (sneaking, stalking etc) was actually more fun.

Oh yeah, and someone who shot me in the head actually came up and apologized. WTF.

Our store has basically become an airsoft store as of late, though. Can't argue with the selection and I totally understand people who go for this over paintball given the ease of use. And I selected a decent gun (G&P/Magpul PTS MOE Carbine) from the stock so I'll give it a few more tries this season. Sort of have to since I'm arranging airsoft games too.
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