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I have six pair of Vibram Five Fingers. Two Treks, I am only wearing one pair right now for playing paintball in, one pair of Treksports, which I will most likely sell off, a pair of Flow, because they are a bit nicer for colder and wetter weather, a pair of KSO and Speeds when they were a European only model, my go to summer wear. Been wearing Vibrams for better than a year and a half now, and they are about all that I wear. I do want a pair of Spyrodons, I think that they would make for excellent paintball shoes.

Keep in mind, these soles are meant to last, and there are serious runners that run pavement that have 1500 miles or so with their Vibrams before then need to get another pair. For $90, that's a good shoe.

As to the toes being in separate pockets, it helps with ones balance and such. Keeping your toes into one pocket, like all of the boots and shoes out there, means that you don't have the same balance and agility that you do when all of your toes are able to spread and move independently, like then can with the Vibrams. It's more than just wearing a shoe with a 3mm or 4mm thick sole, it's also about the barefoot experience that nothing else out there can give like the Vibrams can.
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