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Originally Posted by Stilgar View Post
Hey! Thanks for the tips!

I didn't do Mondays WOD. I did Sundays instead. And I will be the first to say my pull ups SUCK. That one from monday looks Crazy hard, and the last time I attempted a hand stand (let alone a HSPU) I landed on my face.

Currently I am doing the work outs on my own, but I am avoiding the olympic and power lifting for now until I can take a class and learn how to do it properly.

Unfortunately Crossfit where I am is either Underground and I haven't found it yet or the few crossfit gyms are Crazy expensive. Either way I do plan to take some classes sooner rather than later to learn the more advanced stuff.
Stilgar, Check out Rogue's website for crossfit equipment they sponsor the crossfit games. They have "bands" made of rubber of different thicknesses which are of different resistances. you can use them to modify pull up and HSPU and build towards doing them Rx. I still do it in workouts that have tons of HSPU. Unfortunately crossfit is expensive. Not much else to say about that but the results cant be argued.

see the HSPU with band here. CrossFit - Handstand Pushup Band Support Part I, Jeff Tucker - YouTube

Kipping pull up with band, (couldnt find strict Pullup with band) but you get the idea.
CrossFit ICT - Workout of the Day - Working on pull-ups - YouTube

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