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Thanks for the vid I actually have been focusing on forefoot striking, I've just been wondering (because of my clear need for orthotics this far) whether I have an abnormal gait that will prevent me from running in my Vibrams properly. I suspect, however, that my muscles just weren't ready for the sprinting I put them through so early and I tweaked something. (I talked to my friend's dad, he's high up in the "Running Room" -- said he'd done it a few times running in regular shoes, basically pulling the nerve away from something near the shin-bone. Any walking for the next week or so will be done in regular shoes, no running! Until I recover anyways!)

If you get to try them on first hand though, take a look at the Spyridons as opposed to the Treks. I'm not fully sure about the laces yet, and I wonder if the sewn in seams will start to rub but they didn't during a 50 minute walk.

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