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Cooking with MCB; Calzone!

Hey everyone I just did some cooking today and happened to be snapping some pics along the way as my mom was excited about trying a new recipe in the house. This evening was a Ham, onion, broccoli calzone. I know, I hate broccoli too. Anyhow! On to sharing. BTW I'll include the original recipe at the end of my post

Get everything ready first of all.

This comes in handy when you don't buy pre shredded swiss cheese.

And this one for Parmesan

Two tablespoons of Mayo

two teaspoons of mustard or dijon, or grey coupon. Whatever turns you on. Then mix it up a bit

Chop up my nemesis

then some onion and Ham

Make two cups of the shredded swiss cheese, first cup goes into the ham veggie mix...

And mix it up with the mayo and mustard combo in a bowl

Spread some dough on the bottom of your pan (we used stoneware with oil on the bottom to season / make it easier to pull off)

second cup of swiss cheese goes in the first layer of the dough. Make sure to leave an inch of space on the edges to seal the crust later.

Pile on the chopped up mix you made

then cover with another layer of the pizza dough. Cut some slits in the top, I did three rows of four. Spread some more oil on the top to brown it.

Throw it into a manmade hellbox at 450°F for 15 minutes

Time to make an ounce of finely shredded parmesan

While you wait for the initial baking to finish you can do something to pass the time: video games? Pick your poison.

Handheld games may be easier to pass the time if you think you'll be sucked into a quest or some online fiasco that'll let the hellbox destroy your calzone.

Time's up! Bring it out and sprinkle the parmesan on in a manner that suits your playstyle.

Then throw it in the cooker again for two minutes or until slightly browned on the cheese.

Serve and enjoy!! Grazie!!

As promised here is the original recipe:

You're dang right I'm not gonna type all that out. Oh and some of the bolded items are references to pampered chef tools so, yeah If you have something that sounds like one of those it might work. Just don't use something IKEA-like, like an ÖGNSLGN

If you're like me, I'll be substituting more pizza-like meats and veggies the next time around. Broccoli is still my enemy but was delicious for this recipe.

Hope you try it out and have fun when you guys cook. It was cool to try something new at my house. Maybe I'll have another recipe to share sometime.


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