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thanks for the back up guys

i shipped it back when you ordered it....
if you didnt receive it, sorry

you got my last large black long sleeve shirt, i had to get more made

if you dont mind waiting another 24 hours for my expedited shirt order to finish, i'll send you a brand new order

i dont screw anybody.....

seriously, i had a nightmare last night cuz i played on, on accident at psp last weekend
(took one to the tip of my barrel off the break, ref called me clean, i actually saw it break while watching my gopro video.... i thought it was a barrel break or bunker rub)

sorry for the lack of emails, but everybody gets slow communication when i get 50-100 pm's/emails/texts/phone calls/messages trying to get ahold of me, i literally got home an hour ago from the shop, im tryin my best to stay on top of it
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