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Originally Posted by michaelm View Post
Great info! I'll be trying this set up once I receive my tri fluted hammer (hint hint Ryan) Do recall the temperature? Thanks for sharing.

I believe it was in the low to mid 80s here in Texas.

Originally Posted by short304 View Post
I've never actually used a Stabilizer (although after seeing your results, I'm now considering it in the future), but definitely w/o it, if you're autotriggering or even just shooting faster w/o a few seconds between shots, you'll definitely see a decrease in shot count... again, someone else should answer regarding how the Stab affects the shoot-down

Again, very impressive #s; I might have to invest in a Stabilizer for the project I have in the works right now...
Yeah, I know about the shootdown unregged, but if the Stab got rid of that too, it would be even better. I don't shoot that fast anyways, but it's nice to know it wouldn't happen anyways.

I would highly recommend investing in one. It has made my Phanto, so consistent. A little more confusing of course, but the pay off is definitely there.
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