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Originally Posted by Hobbes View Post
Now you just need a warp feed body so it doesn't stick up like that.
The warp feeds the gun just fine, there are no kinks in the hose (which is a CPAP hose with a very smooth internal surface). It would definitely look cleaner without it looped around but the 'spacegun' LCF watching the balls hum around through the hose is awesome

Originally Posted by Justus View Post
I've got a 12v mod that came with my warp, and doesn't seem to have any capacitors, and my warp has always seemed to work fine. Anyone got a pic of the capacitors in the mod, just in case I need to add them for some reason in the future?
This is the website I used to get the information for the mods. Automags UK, your automag, minimag, automag RT, X Mag and E Mag resource
It doesn't have a schematic for any of the wiring diagrams but if you understand how to wire components in DC circuits its not a big deal.
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