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I homebrew and carbonate off of 12 oz PB tanks, been doing it for over 5 years, as long as you don't get liquid CO2 into your soda/beer you don't need to worry about it being filtered/HP/UHP or not, the flow rates are too low for any significant amount of particles to make it into your drink. I've bought some HPR's and LPR's off of here with the sole intention of turning them into carbonation equipment. This is the way I make my carbonating equipment (going on 3 now):

mini 'cocker VASA, Ion HPR, mini 'cocker VASA, 1/8" NPT female/female fitting, 'cocker sledgehammer LPR (work great once they're set up) tapped for 1/8" NPT on the cap and plugged original outlet, 1/8"-->1/4" NPT male/male fitting, 1/4" NPT T fitting, cheap 0-100 PSI gauge on 1 outlet, hose nipple on the other with hose to keg attached to it.

For beer I carb with 30 PSI @ 40*F for 4 days or if I have enough time, 15 PSI for just over a week.

The only thing with these is, it's a pain to diagnose if you have any leaks because the pressures are so low past the LPR you don't usually hear any hiss.
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