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Originally Posted by KPCS View Post
No coffee and smokes for me either but I'll take a beer.

This might be a good place to trade tips , tricks and ideas on stuff.

I really like going thought other shop forum and go through the shop photos.
I like to see how others have there shop set up. Damn I got to clean mine so I can take some photos of it ....

Ken W
Yep I hope we get a Shop Talk subforum for that reason exactly... we don't just talk about airsmithing/custom stuff, sometimes we wanna just talk about our shops! different machines, setups, tooling, work processes etc. Good to learn from your peers. and practicalmachinist just doesn't have all the great people we have here

speaking of photos, I just about done hooking up two new machines today (hardinge lathe and new compressor), new lighting next... then photo time!

and beer, more to come. I have come to realize it is not possible for me to work two full time shifts in a day and enjoy it without several brews throughout
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