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Originally Posted by mrmag11 View Post
I don't want to carry around a trapper-keeper sized 0.92 MP camera. Not practical. I'll take pics on my phone, put them in the Cloud and use the phenomenal editing software in the iPad if necessary.
Do what you got to do.

So yesterday when I got my iPad I also got an airport express to replace the wireless modem the cable company charges me $15 rent each month for and to also turn my printer into a true 'wireless printer' so I could print from my iOS devices. So I got it setup and ought a wireless USB stick to make my ancient pc wireless also. My printer connected to the airport okay but my iPhone and iPad wouldn't find it and print from it. As it turns out, airport express will not turn your USB printer into an 'air printer' so my big ah-ha! Moment was shot down so I'm returning it and have to buy a printer that supports AirPrint.
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