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Mission: Impossible Event #1, May 20 - Operation Enduring Freedom:

On 9 September 2001, Ahmad Shah Massoud was assassinated by two Arab suicide attackers inside Afghanistan and two days later about 3,000 people became victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States. US President George W. Bush identified Osama bin Laden, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the Al-Qaeda organization as the perpetrators of the attacks. The Taliban refused to hand over bin Laden to US authorities and to disband al-Qaeda bases in Afghanistan. In October 2001, Operation Enduring Freedom was launched in which teams of American and British special forces worked with commanders of the United Front (Northern Alliance) to remove the Taliban from power and destroy Al-Qaeda.

The Mission: Impossible 2012: Hunt for bin Laden starts here with Operation: Enduring Freedom. Will you be on the Coalition to find and capture bin Laden or will you help bin Laden avoid capture and push back Western influence and the restoration of Sharia law.

Leading the Coalition Forces: General Tommy R. Hirusuna (Played by Shaun “KamiKaze” Kimura of the Knuckle Draggerz)

Leading the Terrorist Cell: Mohammed Atef, Military Chief of the Terrorists (Played by Ed Sampilo of the Ronin)

Here is the pre-reg link:

Select Hollywood Sports and it will take you to ticket selection.

As stated before, $35 pre-reg with all day air included, $40 on the day of the event.

And it is Field Paint Only with prices starting at $35 a case

If you have a membership, please contact Giant for registration information at 562-967-9600
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