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yes, that's exactly what I was looking for thanks. Not sure if I would prefer a right side like yours or a left side. hmm. Anyways the picture is quite helpful. What sort of feedneck do you have on there and how much did it cost you if you don't mind my asking. I saw that lapco makes a nice one like that for about $25 that I might pick up for my vert feed sterling. The centerfeed conversion is cheaper than a ule body, but shipping and feedneck costs can even the price difference out a bit.

So when you say it feeds tilted right with a gravity loader does it not feed well tilted left? I shoot righty most of the time and like to tilt the gun a bit left and I use a gravity loader for the most part for limited paint and compactness. So would you say having the vertfeed on the left side would be better for how I shoot as far as feeding issues are concerned?
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