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My Mini:

-Lurker Eigenbolt w/ stock spring and Boss shock absorbing spacer
-Virtue Redefined board
-Virtue laser eyes
-Empire Nano feedneck
-Empire Relay reg
-Violent trigger
-Violent trigger pin
-Empire Invader grips
-Disruptive 2-piece barrel .678/.682
-polished poppet
-Nummech foregrip extender
-Nummech snatch grip
-V3 Rotor w/ spine, soft cycle arm, tension screw 2 turns out from flush
-Ninja 68/4500 Ultralite tank set at 425psi
-JT FX tank cover
-Lurker Lube
-hockey tape

-4.5ms open dwell
-5ms closing dwell
-backcap 1.25 turns out
-285fps +/-2

ipod photo sorry, lol. this gun is nuts, bolt bounces off my finger when i put it in the breech, also bounces off half loaded balls without even cracking them, tested this with valken redemption tourney paint. and believe me, i wouldn't half load a ball if i thought it would chop it, then i'd have to clean it up :P

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