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Originally Posted by Pillowfire View Post
Gun is ugly. Looks like every other speedball gun out there, except it's pump action, so it's worse. I can't see what innovations this thing has that make it stand out from other pump guns in performance. Any improvements in internals would hardly be noticable if you have to pump it after every shot.

This is one thing I never get. Every
Year paintball technology improves incrementally. Things get smaller, simpler, more efficient. But the guns don't evolve. They still look like some alien zappy ray gun, still have a bulky hopper up top (you would think a pump gun might benefit from a magazine feed considering it lends itself to a conservative play style), and in this case, the makers didn't even try to hide the air line in the grip.

Wonder how much it costs.
i agree the body could have been more aggressive looking
im still waiting for somebody to do a karni-esque job on somethin!

this is built as a tourny marker, its built for high bps AT, its not built to be conservative, mag fed would hinder that, go check out the SR1 that they are working on.... that sounds more up your alley

this has all new internals, that are still under wraps to the general public

having a newer internal system WILL be noticeable BECAUSE we HAVE to pump it every shot, we play pump, we enjoy pumping, we could be lazy and hide behind a computer board and a sensitive trigger... but we dont!
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