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Brass and Wood Fan
Originally Posted by Havoc-paintballer View Post
Wow thats very nice! Wheres the brass tho??

And that looks like the original extendor to me not the XD FS one. But I could be wrong.

Love your work man!
Thanks so much, and the brass is still being finished, Ty has been sick and his shop flooded at one point and he has been swamped with work so I'm still waiting, but he is almost done and has been really easy to work with.

As for the extension...It isn't one of the XtremeDreamz First Strike extensions, I have a pair of the XtremeDreamz Paint-Only extensions.

Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Turn some lights on next time you take pics bro... I can't see any of this "foreshroud" of which you speak..
I know, I took that picture with my tablet last night, new pictures are up in my OP and I took those with a real camera.

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