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Originally Posted by ionbrother View Post
Ok i have the tray taken off of the body, took off the manifold, but i cannot find how to take apart the solenoid off of the manifold. the leak is coming from the solenoid/manifold area. and on the manifold, the o-ring on the side the connects to the body, the smallest oring is kinked. i'm not sure if it is supposed to be flush to the sides that it fits in.

I also noticed that the yellow wire running from one of they eyes is not in hooked into where it looks like the pds switch
Sound like you may need to re-solder the pds wire for one thing.

The manifold is hook onto the solenoid by a small screw, tiny little thing. Just look for it.

The oring is suppose to bend in a non circular path, however if it look like the oring is damage that could be it too.
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