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Consolidating Efficiency..?

I'm not sure if there already is a thread out there that covers this. If there is, mod (cough cough CJ) please delete.

So, with all the various upgrades and accessories that people can put on their Phantoms, I have seen multiple threads on how people are running them, their opinions, etc etc. Rather than searching through multiple threads, I figured perhaps we could start a consolidated thread where people can see the set up and numbers that people are getting.

For example, I'll start.

VSC Phantom
- ASP Roundhead body
- Deadlywind barrel with full freak kit
- 3.5 oz tank
- (soon to have bobbed and gauged valve)
- stock internals
- CCI O-ring TPC
- stock springing

I'm averaging about 250ish shots out of a single fill. This is on days that are about 65-75 degrees, and also before the valve work.
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