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I assume efficiency is the same, I only put 200 rd thru her and the gage on my 48/4500 didn't seem to move at all. Very consistent shot to shot.

Similar pump stoke, while a S6 is consistent thru the pump stroke, the J12 pump stroke seems just a tad stiffer at the end of the pump stroke. Again this is a prototype, when I was first shooting the J12, I noticed this. I am sure playing with it you would not notice at all. I assume this will be fixed before the release. This is very minor.

And for the record, I have shot a ton of guns: mech's, mags, cockers, electros, stock class, snipers. About 2 years ago, I purchased a S6 and have not touched another markers since then. I love playing pump.

The J12 just fits a little tighter than my S6. As shown above, it has a stock T-2 type of pump and I think it would be nicer with the T-grip, this is my preference!

CCM puts out quality stuff and their customer service is great!

Also have to say Extreme it top notch, Sal is a class act, awesome far, my fav place to play!
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