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It looks like a lot of generic business politics in play, and poor business management. I'm not an expert, but from what's been stated:

- RAP4 has a share of the blame, because they didn't do a complete check on the patenting. If Carmatech lied about the state of the patent, then RAP4 would have a fairly strong grounds for a lawsuit.

- Carmatech attempted to jump the gun, and may have elaborated on a few facts.

- Both are working very hard on getting this finished, because they are both losing a lot of money.

There will be a delay, however I just can't see it being held up indefinitely. The new mag designs will really change paintball. Mag fed has been drastically hampered due to the extreme costs, and a dirt cheap alternative is something we all want.

As far as preordering goes..... I don't mean to sound like a troll, but you should have known better. New paintball tech is more spotty than video games, and they are ALWAYS delayed. I really want to get back into paintball and I'm waiting for these to be produced. In the meantime I'm just sitting and waiting. Due to the extremely simple designs, I can't see them not meeting demand, and competition, (aka ripoffs), are only a few months behind. I'm speculating a lot of mainstream manufacturers *coughTippmanncough* are waiting to see how well these do before throwing their hats into the ring.

On a personal note, I REALLY want these to work. I'm sick and tired of speedball players ruining my local field. It's so hard to get a true milsig game up and running.
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