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Originally Posted by senghing27 View Post
I love seeing people work on the lever nelson design. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

What was the reasoning behind going with an external design instead of the internal style?
Went with the external design for simplicity as well as strength. With the stock being machined flat to replicate a receiver, I wanted to keep the internal moving pieces to a minimum as I didn't want the trigger group any wider than necessary due to the thinness of the walls on the stock... Inletting that stock was nerve racking with only 1/4" wood walls on either side of the trigger group. We're also treating this as a "prototype" for future designs, so being able to adjust parts simply will help refine the design over time. I would like to make a completely internal design as well sometime soon.

Originally Posted by Teimusan View Post
Wow. It looks great. It just keeps looking better and better than the original design. Dan you are the man.
Glad you like it Tim, the base plate in the photos is sticking out a bit, once pushed in all the way it sits flush and will really look great once it's cleaned up some.
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