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Looks great! Was this for the sa17?
Do you take it off to reload everything?

Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Updated the ol' belt rig last night, all ready for LL5 this weekend

From left to right:

-Two 10-tube WTF pouches, stacked using paracord to lash them together
-Small radio pouch
-Dump pouch with elastic "mouth" to keep tubes from falling back out
-Opsgear 140 round pod pouch modded to close over a 22ci/3K tank reg
-5-tube capless pouch by WTF mounted upside down to hold capped tubes
-BT Universal Multi-Holster
-5-tube capless pouch by WTF, again upside down, this one mounted a little higher to not interfere with crouching/bending over

300 rounds total and more than enough air to shoot all of it. I just wish someone would make a fiber tank in the neighborhood of 20-30ci. Normally used with a Guerrilla Air "Cobra Coil" remote, similar to the Proconnect 3, just made with better parts and seals in particular. Allows me to push a button and disconnect the remote from the pistol at will if I need to switch to a backup or just for safety in staging.

On me:

Sorry for the horrid lighting in my apartment, but you get the idea. Mask worn to protect myself from these somehow making it to my non-paintball facebook friends lol.
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