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Tactical Hud Project

Saw this over at reddit and I thought it was pretty interesting. Someone is building a HUD display integrated into a Vforce Profiler mask. The HUD unit is designed for Alpine Ski goggles. While I don't see me personally ever using one of these I think the idea is pretty cool.


To one day step onto a paintball field and be fully comm connected with teammates, unit leadership, referee's , game scoring and other systems via an integrated digital mask.


To complete this vision the T-HUD project will research, modify and integrate commercial off the shelf (COTS) products. T-HUD will also advocate across multiple industries to promote this project and advocate for commercial assistance.

Phase 1 - Integrated Mask: Integrate available communications technology into a lightweight mask to include a HUD, radio communications and a camera. On board software will include the ability to:

Buddy track
See position on a moving map
Provide tactical orders on that map
Upload paintball field wire-frame diagrams
Connect to a camera
Track game time
Track "kill" counts
Connect to Blue Tooth enabled markers and hoppers
Consolidate and integrate voice communications
Provide power management for up to 6 hours of game play
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