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Playing on the third team (Rippers) was so much fun. It pretty much gave me and the others carte blanche to do my favorite thing, be sneaky and mess with people while causing general chaos. Most of my day consisted of walking around the field completely surrounded by enemy and acting like I belonged there until finding a weakness to exploit. Several occasions where I completely blew out pockets of the front lines by sniping players from the side or back while they were fixated on the other team or other rippers and then killing the people that filled in for them again and again until people figured out what was happening. I was racking up barrel tags like nobody's business, usually 6 to 10 at a time, repeated this over and over throughout the day, I lost count but I must have racked up 30 to 40, or maybe more. I knew we were doing well when we were hearing that both the other teams hated us.

I'm def down for an MCB get together next year. There were a lot of us and I didn't meet everyone. The best part of LL is getting to hang with all my far away "internet friends" and it'd be better if that was more organized and less hectic.

Also disappointed in the lack of sweet vendor t-shirts, I went home with way more last year. Bring back the funny shirts like 250cal and such. The wacky waving arm guys must have been on sale, trying to convince Carter to blow some membership money on one for MCB

Big thanks to the techs at Empire/Kee, my personal Prophecy Z2 has been a lemon from day one, which really sucks because it's generally an awesome hopper, but those guys bent over backwards and replaced pretty much everything they could in it and dealt with me pestering them like an irate badger all weekend, and they had a ton on their plate.

I played through a cold and heat stroke despite hydrating, I'm sore everywhere, covered in welts and can barley speak. It was a blast.

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