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I never said i was the greatest for the record.... thats word of mouth that did that..
**Do not under estimate yourself and do not get cocky (like 50% of the players of the 22) +Play Smarter, not Harder. After EVERY match I told everybody good job, fist hit/handshake the works.. a laugh or two- even though I heard them bad mouthing me behind my back.. everyone there can say that not once did I put up a cocky front and if anybody said anything, I still give them respect. I was being cool with everybody, but paintball has a lot of sore losers, unfortunately.

My end: 22 people .. back to back .. Running, Gunning, Snapping, Hunting.. 87 degrees..
few Cameras/ 2-4 Refs (I almost shot each of them at least once), I started off with standard 4-6 mags? then just had 2-3 standard mags, chopping paint (one game was reset because the paint sprayed for a whole clip, so i told the ref to swap all the paint even for the challengers), second gun went down briefly.. ran out of air.. I had not the best luck, but still did what I had to.

Their End: 100% Energetic, Free Shirt, $220 prize for one shot.. Time limit to come shoot me.. DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT?!

Tippmann chose few kids, some teens and experienced adults.. there were definitely some experienced ballers.. and they still lost and I won't name them even though I know who they are specifically.. few stalemates, few close ones, few one ballin', few snapping.. I even caught one guy off the break my favorite one. People knew the time limit be aggressive or lose.. and if your aggressive enough it's then time to show your skill with the snap shooting... those that made it to that point (A LOT) were then tested..

Tippmann and I struck a deal any 3 shoot me, get a pistol.. I go undefeated? I giveaway a pistol to someone of my choosing for the Blood Legion thanks to Tippmann, and I gave it away to The Blood Legion Medic* -that poor girl hustled like no other... welts, dehydration, and nothing but the most exhausted face I've ever seen.. I saw her get lit up by a group (3-8) of electro's a few times trying to save one guy while all of those horde guys were badmouthing her "GTFO OUT! MOVE! EF'N RUN OUT THE WAY etc etc"
So Tippmann gave away 22 shirts and 1 pistol regardless.. they didn't have to do any of that.. on top of the great tech support they gave out across the weekend.

Out of 9 quadrants of the field I fulfilled 6 of them, during the full 22 games. I started off running around then I had to pace myself. The cool part about the buildings were that there were nets.. so when you enter the building you can see the other person, then it turns into who can snap the best..

So all in all, Everyone got free shirts A dehydrated medic with HEART won a Pistol and my reputation is shown to others that Im not all hype.. (from what they told me) It was a good Friday.. and I was spent... Video from both views on the way..

You cant win 'em all.. But I will never stop trying...

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