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Originally Posted by AGDRetro View Post
I've been tossing around the idea of joining the CCM family, but I would like to know how accommodating to special requests CCM has been to you guys that have had them.

I think I'd like to pick up a 6.5 but I don't want any reg or barrel. I know I've also seen some right feed guns and was wondering if they would be able to make my gun's feedtube so that I could mount a Planet Eclipse/MacDev style feed to it (not a fan of the screw tab method). Might request a raw, polished body too. You guys think I'd have any luck?
1. the only option you can choose to not get is the barrel.

2. no, they will not change how the feed mounts. i only know this because i asked both mel and bill if they would consider making me a right feed 6.5..

3. no raw bodies are sold. it has to do with the lifetime warranty they include with the purchase of a new gun.

from what you're describing, you'd be better off getting a used one, selling the reg, and then annoing the way you want to.
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