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Where is our Trracer First Strike magazine?

This last weekend I was able to pick up a box of Valken Redemption (by far my favorite paint), so I took out my Trracer to give it a try. Instead of using my 10" Deadlywind I instead grabbed my 10" Hammerhead MoFo with M50 muzzle, AC to HH iFIT using .685 insert. Chronoed and quickly tuned the Hammerhead shooting nicely at 280fps and then went out for the first game of woodsball.

This is the 2nd time trying out my Trracer (First time was using Empire Premium but the paint was horribly out of round) and I'm now hooked! I was threading balls between trees and through brush eliminating the other team and was having a blast. I didn't think I would ever find another Marker as accurate as my Tiberius till now!! If I could see any of the other player the Trracer could hit them!

This pump is amazing!!

The Hammerhead MoFo added a flatter arc and a little more range than the other markers coming at me which really got me thinking that when they finally release the First Strike magazine for the Trracer it will seriously up our game in the woods!!
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