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Originally Posted by JOESPUD27 View Post
AgentSmith, from the few games I saw, MidnightAngelz stood still the whole game dumping mag after mag. It appears he was using the dual Tib guns with extended mags and remotes. I was outside of the net, if I'm mistaken, I'll gladly eat crow. Game resets where when his equipment went down, not the challengers. The challengers always had less guns and less paint.

For all the grandstanding and "come at me bro" hype before this took place, we're just saying is was a little boring to watch. Also, had Angelz pushed the game tempo, it would have wrapped up faster for the pump night.

If pistols are your style, that's fine. I'm just saying the 1vs20 setup was flawed at best. The challenge being ballers that don't use a pistol taking on somebody to uses pistols the majority of the time.

One thing I can agree on, Cat was a fantastic medic.

Ok, let me see if I understand your position. You were far away enough outside the netting that you're willing to admit you're not sure if he had 14" of mag sticking out of his pistols or not or even what pistols they were, but you know exactly why games were reset and how many . Dog-like hearing perhaps? Or did you assume they were reset, why they were reset and now find yourself so reluctant to admit that you assumed wrong that you'll sideways call someone a liar that was there? Angel has said twice that only one game was reset and that's the number.

I brought how long I've played and how I've played up for 2 reasons.
First to show that I've been around long enough to know a good pistol player when I see one and also to point up that in at least 1 game, Angel faced someone who was playing pistolPB before HE WAS BORN.
He and I played because before you or anybody else saw that poster he had PMed me to make sure i'd be there in time on fri.

Paintball not fun to watch???? No way! You'd better tell the tournament promoters before they spend years on the interstate failway! What? Really? Oh... Too late!

Bits, I'm glad I misunderstood what you meant and I apologize for doing so. The posts that joined yours made it look worse. I know what it's like to think you're riding a lone horse only to suddenly find yourself on the bandwagon!
We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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