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So... I had some time to tinker with HSMWorks last night... It seems I have to untrain myself from all the bad habits I learned while using MasterCAM X3... I tried to make a simple task too damn difficult, and cost myself a *lot* of time.

In the end, I watched a couple of YouTube videos and discovered I was doing it all wrong. I followed the steps and had gcode in a matter of about 10 minutes!

This morning, I tried the code on the machine, and for the most part it worked great. I need to tweak the start/end code and stop HSM from using G54 offsets... But beyond that , it is AMAZING!

To all of you with Solidworks, check out HSMExpress. It is free! All you have to do is supply them with your SW serial number and fill out a few questions... Download, install and begin producing Gcode!

Pictures, when I am not working on a customers project.


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